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Do you wear swimsuit as underwear?

9779190D-210B-45E0-B5B1-E497940ADACA.jpegDo you remember the first time you wore speedos? Mine was on my high school swim team? My dad bought a pair at a local shop and I wore them the entire rest of the holiday. I even slept in them and wore them under my clothes!!! Lol. I thought about it a lot- speedos just seemed more comfortable and freeing in the water.

I woke up in this morning feeling like I could wear something different as underwear. I decided to wear a pair of speedo’s for the day. I know some people find it odd that some people choose to wear speedo’s as underwear, but I wanted to feel the nylon material against my skin. As a pair of briefs held up really well & were really comfortable. I wore them on a normal not super active day in the office. The material did as I wanted & felt great against the skin.


It was a bitterly cold evening in . It’s raining all day and I’d decided to visit our local swimming pool after a hard day at the office. After eight hours working, I always found the feeling of the cold water surging all around me both stimulating and relaxing. That evening, unsurprisingly, the pool was almost empty. Maybe most people had decided to stay in their heated homes. There were perhaps five or six people swimming, plus a young male attendant sitting in a chair watching us. I swam up and down the pool, enjoying the motion of water across my body, feeling the aches of the day slowly fading away.




2025 Urban Study: LA, Berlin and Beijing
“The time to act is now.”
Go to this Sway

“Trust me, it’s not what you’re thinking!!! 😀



  Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.❞ Khalil Gibran

In the history of Vietnam, April 30th, 1975 is the day that marks the fall of Saigon government, ending the Vietnam War and leading to the liberation of Vietnam’s southern part. Every year since the country celebrate this day as a commemoration to the reunification between the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the North and the Republic of Vietnam in the South into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as we know today. When Reunification Day is on, I don’t have to work, Maybe I would travel some days in somewhere?!!.

SugarMill – a village building game

I will not work in 4 days on Reunification Day. So it’s time to find and play video game if I will not go anywhere. When I looked at SugarMill because it looked like my type of game. I have now played over 24 hours in the game so far and its a challenging game for sure but also enjoyable for me.

What I like about this game is the freedom to build as you see fit, experiment with different starting positions. After playing the game for couple of hours now I find it to be a very enjoyable game. Since I played Banished a lot, this game looks really interesting to me.

I like a game where I can take my time to plan what I want to do. And I just got finished with some work, and then ate a spot of breakfast. I’m considering if I should grab a cup of tea soon.

Vietnam Weasel coffee

If you’ve ever been curious about weasel coffee, or if this is your first time hearing about it, here’s how this coffee is made: It’s made from Coffee Cherries literally shit out by an weasel. Weasel coffee is special because the weasels will select the best, ripest and sweetest coffee beans to eat. There are special acid and enzyme chemicals in their stomach which will be absorbed in the beans and make them less caffeinated, with a deeper and lightly bitter taste.

I had a couple of cups of weasel coffee at Me Linh coffee garden is in the mountainous countryside surrounding Da Lat, Vietnam in last weekend and I was truly impressed. The coffee was brewed strong, but even though I drank it completely black, there was absolutely zero acidity and none of that sourness that might come from a regular cup of black coffee.

Weasel moka sells for about $20 per 100 grams, or $3 per cup served Vietnamese style: in a drip filter, strong and black. Would you ever try weasel coffee?



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