Age-old trees add unique touch to Saigon streets

Can you name some of the ‘greenest’ streets in Ho Chi Minh City, where rows of age-old trees are lined along their sides?

The idea of growing green trees along pavements on streets citywide was brought about at the beginning of the French colonial era in the southern Vietnamese metropolis. The French people wanted to add more greenery to the city so that they could live more comfortably in the local tropical weather. Various fruit trees, including tamarind and mango, were first planted in the plan, but those choices were later proven not quite suitable. After considering various alternatives, officials of a board in charge of the tree-growing plan eventually decided to go with golden oak (Hopea odorata), which can now be found abundant at 30/4 Park in District 1. Tall ancient trees, particularly golden oak, have been connecting with the lives of many generations of Saigonese for over one and a half century.


Com Tam

So, do keep an eye out for stalls making com tam. Pull up a stool and get yourself a plate; it will be different from any rice you have ever had.


I often ate “Com Tam” which is a popular food for anytime of the day in South Vietnam. Com tam isn’t hard to find; it’s on most streets that have street food because it’s so popular. On the street, a cart that sells com tam usually offers a variety of meats, eggs and vegetables to top your plate of broken rice. The most common meat served with com tam is grilled pork chop. Other common toppings are shredded pork, called “bi” (pig skin), and fried egg. The dish is then served with staple of “nuoc mam“(fish sauce). A plate of com tam will fluctuate in price depending on your meat, starting at around 30,000 VND.

Fifty Shades of Grey

I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey over the weekend. Let’s start with the facts. The film is classified as erotic fiction. While at first a little bit of erotica might give you a taste for your spouse (if you’re married), over time that rut reminds you how great you are at self-stimulation and how powerful your imagination can be.

Do you know what BDSM is? Bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism? If you don’t know what those words mean, be glad. If you do know, you should understand that the most damaging part of Fifty Shades of Grey is that God created sex to be a partnership that’s fueled by love and self-giving, not pain and humiliation. It’s not just that this book misuses sex, it redefines it into something evil as the lead character dominates in a hurtful manner. How woman can enjoy that, I can’t understand! But I do have a theory: It seems to me that, in our emasculating culture, there is a such a great hunger for strong men that women will stoop to bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism for just a taste. Do yourself a favor . . . don’t!

The Lunar New Year 2018

Today I went to Pagodas where are packed on the first day of the new lunar year in Saigon with people waiting to ring bells, wishing for peace. In the New Year, a tolling bell expresses the harmony between heaven and earth. It is also considered a prayer for well-being to all so hundreds of people, besides offering incense, queue for ring bells at Pagoda.

Every year, as the Lunar New Year nears, blossoming trees announce the arrival of spring in Vietnam. Across the country, family members reunite, exchange new year greetings, decorate their houses and pay gratitude to the gods and deceased relatives but also smoke and ash. Though Tet (Lunar New Year) is undeniably the most important festival in Vietnam, some of its traditions and customs have become burdensome, notably the practice of burning votive paper offerings.

Somebody thinks they burn this for our dead relatives so that they feel happy. And if they are happy, they will bless them with good health, happiness and luck. But I think burning votive paper offerings doesn’t bring wealth and prosperity to the deceased, but it allows those still alive to feel closer to their late relatives, and lets them share their inner feelings with the other world.



Carp Market, Saigon

Legend has it that the Kitchen Gods, who are in charge of looking after Vietnamese families and recording their good and bad deeds, ride the fish back to heaven before Tet, or Lunar New Year. My mom and a lot of people often buy Red carps to give Kitchen Gods a ride back to heaven ahead of Tet. As a result, carp sell like hot cakes at most markets across the country at this time of year.


Spring is my favorite time of year

Spring is my favorite time of year. The smell of wood smoke in the air, the way you can see your breath as you walk down the street from one shop to another, the smell of pine as you walk into the house after a long day at work and the way the lighted tree greets you as you walk through the door. Then of course, there’s the shopping. The malls, the crowds, it just gives me a complete rush. I could feel myself begin to stiffen down between my legs in changing room when I had already removed my shoes, socks and clothes, left only in my trousers and underwear.


Think about labia

The morning after, I woke with a relaxed feeling in my loins and a smile on my face. The clock read 7:30. The house was still quiet. I let my thoughts roam, thinking about what had happened in the pool yesterday. I am really embarrassed to admit this, but I had a moment of ‘Oh, is that her vagina? I remember thinking it was crazy that this girl lets me see her vagina. Like, we were fooling around and it happened. I had this weird, like, existential crisis. I really couldn’t stop thinking about her puffy little labia was pressed against the sheer bikini material

Erotic thoughts led to a morning hard-on in very short time, and soon my sheets were tented up. I flexed my legs and groin. My 3-inch cock jumped, it’s head rubbing against the soft flannel. My underwear could barely cover my cock, it was so hard. Finally, I tucked it in, my cockhead sticking out the bottom. As the elastic of my briefs pulled on it, the red color of it deepened.

I needed to pee!

“It’s crazy that everyone has genitals but only some people get to see them.” It was this weird feeling of melancholy.


Little girl in bathroom

After the lesson I timed my arrival in the showers to perfection, arriving just before the two girls and their dad. Now the way the showers are laid out is they you have to go through them to get from the pool to the toilets and changing rooms beyond. The shower room itself is about 10 meters long and 5 meters wide with the in and out doors on one of the long sides. On that side, between the two doors is a niche with 3 shower heads. I was
already standing there in the niche, out of sight of the doors and peeling off my trunks when the girls arrived. Chrissy, completely naturally, positioned herself at the shower

Small Girl completely naturally, positioned herself at the shower head in the middle of the long wall directly opposite me in my niche. She slowly started stripping out of her bikini, and then in a slow stretching motion, reached down, exposing her wet bare backside to me, showing her puckered and glistening vulva and bum hole, and picked up her shampoo and started shampooing her hair.

My cock immediately filled a little so it was looking big, but still soft as she turned her back to the wall and stood to face me directly. Her long, tiny, slim body and her naked pussy were entirely on view, her arms were up and her eyes closed as she shampooed her hair and I gazed appreciatively at her long legs, puffy lips, tiny nipples, long neck and pretty face. She was letting the water run over her head now to rinse her hair, and she opened her eyes and caught me looking directly into hers. This induced a small soft smile, kind of a little smirk as her eyes wandered over my naked body and stopped to linger where my cock was now jutting directly out from my midriff.

Though still not a real erection, my cock was definitely swollen by now and sticking out perpendicular to my midriff, so I took a handful of shower gel from my bottle and started to shampoo my hair, tipping my head back to give her the full benefit of a direct view onto my cock. Knowing she was only about a meter and a half away, and practically eye level with my genitals was soo erotic. I had to concentrate very hard to avoid a full erection!

Leaning my head back this way I gave my pelvic muscle a couple squeezes to get my cock to bounce up and down, wiggling in her direction. I then turned to face more into the shower jet, a little away from Girl and soaped my body, lingering on my balls and cock, even risking a few strokes along its length, then turned a little back to the angel across from me so she could see my cock sticking out in profile as I stroked myself soapily.

I turned and saw Girl standing, with the water coursing over her head and running down her face and body, and she was doing the loveliest licking her upper-lip motion, to catch the water running over her face, all the while staring across directly at my member.

At about that moment her dad, who’d finished with the little sister, said to her to hurry up and come out of the shower, he wanted to go. He could obviously see her so she gave a saucy little hip wiggling dance to tease him. He said, “Come on NOW!” But she only laughed at him, so he said, “well come when you’re ready then!” and I heard him going out the door. She looked directly at me then and smiled broadly. I was just rinsing my self off, with my hand on my cock again, and we held eye contact as she gave that little swaying her hips dance again, only this time slower, and for a little longer. This time I made no attempt to disguise my feelings and continued slowly soaping and stroking my by now almost fully engorged member whilst watching her appreciatively. Her gaze fell again on my midriff, and she watched appraisingly as I gently massaged my now half erect cock. She then bent over again and grabbed her bikini, shot me another quick and cheeky smile, and was gone!

I can’t wait till next week!